Sri Chakra Puja Vidhanam (eBook - English)

Year of Publication: 2023 ( 4th Edition)

Number of Pages: 876

Sri Chakra Puja Vidhi has been explained in a detailed form in this book. Sri Kramam, various Nyasams, Lalitha Kramam, Avarana pujas have been explained .

In addition, various Ashottarams and Sahasranamams, Rudra Namakam and Chamakam are added here. Various methods of drawing Sri Chakram have been explained.

This edition includes a number of improvements to the text and its visual presentation. The fonts and formatting have been carefully selected to make the text more readable and easier for the sādhaka to follow. The yantras and other visualizations, integral to the practice of Śrī Cakra worship, have been meticulously redrawn.The biographies of the gurus in our lineage have been updated and made more comprehensive. 

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