Kamakshim - Karuna Rasambu Nilayam (eBook - Multiple Scripts)

Year of Publication: 2023
Number of Pages: 200

This book, the 47th  Navarātri Malar from the Rājarājeśvarī Pīṭham,  features three rare and beautiful collections of names of Kāmākṣī - Sahasranāma (1000 names), Pañcaśati (500 names) and Aṣṭōttara (108 names). These names illuminate various aspects of the Goddess such as Her various festivals and the Sri Chakra in great detail, and encode sacred mantras such as the Gāyatrī and the Pañcadaśī.  While the Sanskrit names are beautiful and inspiring to read and chant, English meanings have been provided to help readers understand their import.

This book is available in multiple scripts and can be choosen at the time of purchase.

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