Navaratri Day Sponsorship

The auspicious Saran Navaratri Brahmotsavam will be celebrated from Oct 6 - 16, 2021, honoring the "Dasha Maha Vidyas," or ten powerful forms of Divine Mother. All are welcome to attend and receive the divine blessings. Please read below for additional details.

Navaratri One Day Sponsorship
Sponsors will be included in the morning Navaratri sankalpam on the day of their choice and will receive blessed Navaratri prasadam.

If you have never provided your sankalpam details to the Temple, please do so in the Order Notes box while completing the order. You may also send an email to You may only include details for yourself and your spouse/children (if any). Please include only unmarried children. Please provide the gotram/nakshatras (if known). Please also indicate who are parents and who are the children.

Please call the Temple at 585-533-1970

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